Where can I buy Drake's Batter Mix?
Drake's Crispy Frymix is offered throughout much of the continental United States. For information relating to your specific location, please contact us at sales@drakesbattermix.com

Is my product still good?
On the bottom of the box or bag, there is a "best if used by date." The product tends to remain good beyond this date; however, we cannot guarantee freshness.

The plastic bag isn't sealed; is this a problem?
No. The box that the bag is placed within is of food grade quality. The bag is rolled shut (not sealed) for your convenince, as the box provides all of the protection necessary.

Why didn't the batter stick?
The surface of the food needs to be dry. Remove moisture by patting with a paper towel. For extra stick, dust with Drake's Crispy Frymix prior to dipping into wet batter.

Does your batter mix contain any allergins?
Our batter contains wheat and dairy. The manufacturing facility contains no nuts.

What's the proper temperature at which to fry?
Smaller food products, such as onion rings or mushrooms, should fried at 375 degrees. For larger food items, such as fish or chicken, fry at lower temperature (approximatley 350 degrees). This allows the meat to cook through. If the meat is par-boiled or pre-cooked, fry at 375 degrees.

What can I do to maximize the appearance and flavor of my fried foods?
Use a qaulity cooking oil with a high smoke point. Options include peanut oil, canoloa, and sunflower oil. Be sure to wait until the oil reaches the recommended temperature before beginning to fry.

Is Drakes Crispy Frymix gluten-free?
No. Our batter is made with flour which contains gluten.